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    CommandCraft is the website that you can use to find websites, guides, maps, and more!

    The original Minecraft website is where you can buy Minecraft and make your own account. To go to the original Minecraft website click here!  Now that you know how to get Minecraft and make your own account, you are probably wondering, what is Minecraft? Well, Minecraft is a game that is all blocks, and you can play with friends or not! When you turn on Minecraft, you will see a screen that shows the picture of the newest update. Minecraft has updates sometimes, which you will find out about very soon. So now that you know what Minecraft is, you are probably wondering what CommandCraft is. Well in the next paragraph, you will read all about it!

    About CommandCraft: When you are using CommandCraft you most likely want to know commands, for more servers, Or you want to find fun maps that you are able to play. If that is the case you have come to the right place. We make sure that you get what you want so that you can play Minecraft the way that you like to! We want YOU to have a very fun and good Minecraft experience. So all of these next paragraphs will teach you all you need to know about Minecraft!

    Minecraft servers: Servers are a fun way that you can play with your friends online with other multiplayer people. You can make your own servers too! IF you want some fun servers to play, click here and you can find the server that you like best! BUT there are important rules to follow when you play online. 1. Play fairly. NO HACKING, you will get banned and it is NOT fair to other players. 2. No swearing. Saying bad things can get you banned from the server, just like hacking. AND FINALLY, 3. HAVE FUN. Playing fair and having fun are very important, so make sure you play fair (no hacking), and everyone will get to play and have fun!

    Minecraft Versions: Versions are what kind of version of the Minecraft game that you play. Depending on the version, there will either be new or better stuff to make the game more fun for everyone. For example, in 1.15 foxes, bees, beehives, campfires, and much more came. In 1.16 we got the Nether Update. In this update/version we got new nether mobs, biomes in the nether, and tons of new blocks that are nether related! Mojang (the creators of Minecraft) release new updates twice every year, so it will be a bit of a wait, but once they come out, you will get a whole new experience of the NEW Minecraft! Now that you know what the versions of Minecraft are, time for the potions!

    Potions: Potions are a fun way to make the game more fun! With potions you can make the game more interesting by doing things that you normally couldn't do. For example, If you used a potion of invisibility you would become invisible. There are two things you have to think about when using a potion though. 1. when you use a potion there are bubbles around you. This mainly effects invisibility because when you are invisible they can still see the bubbles around you. Even though this is the case, there is still a way to fix it, Commands! if you don't want the bubble do this command, /effect @p invisibility (amount of time no parenthesis) (how hard it works no parenthesis) true. True is very important because it makes the bubble go away. 2. Back to potions! there is also a time limit you want to watch out for, because when it goes away, the effect of the potion goes away. Next you will learn about COMMANDS and a guide on how to use them.

    Commands: Commands are a way that you can modify the game of Minecraft to add things that are not normal Minecraft. Some commands will allow you to be able to make a whole area into a ton of blocks, which is the fill command, while other commands will allow you to give yourself the same effect that a potion can give you, but even longer! Commands will allow you to make your game into a game that doesn't even seem like Minecraft because you can change the game so much with all of the MANY different commands the game provides for you! Some commands can be really hard, while others can be super easy. But if you are doing a command wrong and you are frustrated, don't get mad, we have everything you will need to know about commands right here on CommandCraft!

    Redstone: This is going to be a short paragraph, BUT DON"T SKIP IT. Restone can be used for many things, it is kind of like a communication signal. It can be used to make doors automatically open without you pressing anything. Unlike commands, it is an in-game thing that you can get from mining in survival, or grabbing from your inventory menu in Creative. There are things like, pistons, iron doors, pressure plates, and more that are all related to redstone. So now that you know that redstone can be an important thing, you should try to use it with the guide CommandCraft provides for you!